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Our team is what differentiates us from other training providers. At Ortus Aviation, we were founded by a coalition of trusted aviation leaders and approved training organisations with a wide array of experience in delivering high quality aviation training to future airline pilots. We are supported by some of the aviation industry’s most trusted aviation training organisations, such as ASG , Simtech Aviation or MyWingman, to oversee and manage an industry leading modular flight training programme and have a track record of delivery. 

We have an instruction team of 30+ instructors who are operational in the aviation industry and include current airline pilots, type rating instructors, aircraft and avionics technicians, human factors specialists, military pilot instructors, aeronautical engineers, and air traffic controllers. We have one singular focus: to deliver the highest quality aviation training and to make your path to being “airline ready” a seamless one. 

Diarmuid O'Riordan

Diarmuid is a co-founder of Ortus Aviation training and founder of ASG, one of Europe's leading ATPL theory approved training organisations. He is an Airbus A330 airline pilot having previously operated as an Airbus A320/321neo pilot and Type Rating Instructor (TRI) with an international airline. He retired from the military as Officer Commanding of the Irish Air Corps’ Air Traffic Control (ATC) Unit and continues to exercise the privileges of a Swiss Civil Air Traffic Controller Licence which has instructor and examiner endorsements in all ATC disciplines. As a result of his mixed flying and ATC background, Diarmuid is also an expert on the Safety & Technical Committee of the Irish Airline Pilots Association (IALPA) which is an independent professional body representing the safety interests of 1200+ airline pilots working for Irish Airlines.

Bartho Blom

Bartho is one of the founders and directors of Ortus Aviation. For more than a decade prior to co-founding Ortus Aviation he operated as a flight training manager for a number of Europe's most respected and leading flight training organisations where he was responsible for the successful coaching and mentoring of hundreds of pilots throughout their training and subsequent placement into Pilot roles with a variety of international airlines. Bartho is also a commercial pilot and theory instructor who is always looking for ways to improve the flight training process and course quality so that graduates have the best possible chance of securing employment upon graduation.

Aleksandra Kapela

Aleksandra is a partner of Ortus Aviation and founder of MyWingman, a project focused on career counselling and job preparation support for pilots. She is an EAAP certified Aviation Psychologist, KSA100 specialist, and Ground Training Instructor. She has a vast array of experience in conducting European Pilot assessments and the selection of students, cadets, current pilots (FO, CPT) which she has honed through her studies, courses, and with real world industry experience. As an Aviation Psychologist, Aleksandra co-operates with a wide variety of European airlines and operators, and has conducted and designed the psychological elements of the assessments, and indeed tools dedicated for current pilots and student Pilots alike.

Des Wynne

Des is one of Ortus Aviation's founders and a company director. He is Chief Executive Officer of Lazer Telecom in Portugal. Prior to joining Lazer Telecom, Des was Group Sales Director for the leading MCC and Type Rating Provider in Ireland, Simtech Aviation, where he was responsible for all direct sales, channel sales and marketing. Prior to joining Simtech Aviation, Des worked for Digicel Group as Director of Business Sales for both Bonaire and Curacao. Des also previously worked for Digicel Aruba and also the British Virgin Islands.

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