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Entry Assessment

Prior to commencing our 0 – fATPL First Officer program, you will complete Ortus Aviation Psychometric Assessment (OAPA)

The primary objective of psychometric tests is to determine your competencies and check if you are fit to become a  professional pilot after your flight trainig.

This part is mandatory for all our ab initio students to make sure they will be able to meet the aircraft operators standards and have the right aptitude with suitable personality.

The OAPA will be supervised by an Aviation Psychologist certified by EAAP.
Our assessment is based on ADAPT by Symbiotics– the system of advanced testing used by many established global airlines. It consists of a battery of tests measuring personality traits, cognitive abilities and coordination skills.

The OAPA is fully online assessment that students can complete from their homes.
Regardless of the outcome of the evaluation each participant will get an option of individual session with Aviation Psychologist. During the consultation a candidate will receive full feedback of the results which is exceptional in the industry. 

The results of the OAPA will form a foundation of your First Officer training file. Data are mantained to register your progression and eventually will be used during the recommendation of the candidate to potential future airline employers.

To get more information about the OAPA, booking options and pricing please use contact form.

Career Support

Ortus Aviation students get special individual support package before applying for pilot job provided by MyWingman.

Finding a job in aviation industry is a stressful process . Pilot selection in most of the airlines or other operators is complicated, multi-step and demading procedure. As a flight training graduate you want to be fully prepared and ahead of the other candidates to get your dream job as a CPL licence holder.

All our 0-fATPL students get an individual support package provided by MyWingman which will increase chances of finding their first pilot job.

Support package consists of :
CV tailoring service
-professional bussiness photoshoot 
-access to 2 online Pilot Job Preparation Seminars 

Career support packages are also available at other stages of Ortus Flight Training program.

To get more information about career support packages, booking options and prices please use contact form.

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