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Ortus Aviation Ltd has its adminstrative and operational headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. We use three EASA approved training locations across Europe which are ideally located for the practical training elements of our pilot training program. We have Ortus Aviation personnel on the ground at each training location to ensure a seamless, coherent, and centralised flight training programme.

Your practical flight training will commence in the idyllic training environment of Croatia where you will learn how to fly single engine aircraft during daytime after which you will be awarded a Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL). 

Thereafter you will move to Poland where you will undertake your night rating and hour-building together with your ATPL theoretical training; the Ortus Aviation team will always be on hand to help you as you progress through your training journey. Once you have built up the requisite flight experience and successfully complete your ATPL examinations, you will progress towards the practical training for your Commercial Pilots Licence, Multi-Engine Instrument Rating, and Advanced UPRT training.  This training will take place on unique state of the art glass cockpit aircraft where you will perfect your flying skills and prepare for your new role as an operational Pilot. 

Uniquely, throughout the course all of your theoretical training is provided to you on a location independent basis by ASG using their EASA approved hybrid classroom concept for PPL and ATPL theoretical training, and the instrument rating bridging phases of your course. 

Up until the latter stages of Airline Pilot training, you will have been trained to fly in a single crew environment, responsible for every aspect of the operation of a flight from planning, pre-flight checking, flying, cockpit checks, radio communications, descent and landing.

The final step which is required prior to applying for your first Airline Pilot job is to complete a Multi-Crew Co-operation (MCC) and Jet Orientation Course (JOC). You will complete these final steps of your training in Ireland with Simtech Aviation where you will prepare for your first job as a First Officer with an airline. Needless to say, we will provide you with CV and Interview preparation to make sure that you achieve this goal. Our job is not done until you are fully “airline ready”.

Our three European bases

  • PPL
  • Night VFR rating
    • MEP (L) + ME/IR + CPL
    • A-UPRT

  • B737 MCC/JOC
  • PPL theory
  • ATPL theory
  • IFR bridge course
  • Interview training

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