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1. Defined Terms

1.1. As used in this Terms and Conditions, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth below:

  • Ortus Aviation – Ortus Aviation Training Limited
  • Training Partner -a company in the partnership with Ortus Aviation Training Limited  being able to provide specific part of the flight training or training support.
  • Training Program -the unique EASA flight training program combined with career support program for students  designed and developed by Ortus Aviation Training Limited
  • Student Pilot – a client of Ortus Aviation Training Limited being future or current participant of EASA modular flight training
  • Module – an element of the Training Program which is separate part of the course (PP(L) module, HB module, ATPL(A) module, MEP(L) module, CPL(A) module, IR/ME module, MCC/JOC module)
  • Pricelist – an annex of the contract containing price of the Training Program variant, deposits specification and hourly fees of addidtional training

2. Program Goals

2.1 Ortus Aviation  is committed to offering a supportive learning environment for Student Pilots to achieve their flight training goals and assist with obtaining a job as a professional pilot. Ortus Aviation aspires to:

  • Provide a high quality and competent  environment to support Student Pilots in reaching their learning and flight training goals;
  • Provide the support for Student Pilots without discrimination on any level including but not exclusive to religion, sex, age, disability and race;
  • Provide continous assistance followed by constructive feedback to Student Pilots throughout their Training Program with Training Partners;
  • Provide career support throughout packages and counceling as well as providing information about current job offers

3. General Student Pilot Requirements

3.1 Student Pilots shall:

  • Take responsibility for the management of their own individual flight training progression and development;
  • Comply with Training Partners’ procedures and policies
  • Sign the contract with Training Partner concerning flight training
  • Represent the Training Program as a responsible Ortus Aviation ambassador through exemplary conduct on and off flight training
  • Dress and behave appropriately for flight training and representation of the program
  • Inform management staff of any concerns or issues as they arise in a timely manner, especially if they concern safety. Constructive feedback can be reported to
  • Inform management stuff of any health conditions that may affect safety during the flight prior to completing the booking. The recommendations on whether certain medical conditions may potentially affect student’s ability to start or complete the program can be given at :
  • Be able to communicate in English to a standard of being able to understand documentation, instructions and emergency procedures, particularly whilst in flight, which means min. of level 4 of ICAO English Level.
  • be able to give a proof of not having criminal record (min.5 year period). (European aviation security Regulations require that crew members of an EU air carrier are subject to security background checks. For more information please check here.)

3. Training Program requirements

3.1. Student Pilot shall be aware of and agree to meet the requirements for each part of the Training Program

3.2. The requirements shall be met and documents proving this shall provided to Ortus Aviation 7 days before the commencement of the training of the Student Pilot

3.3. The requirements of each part of the Training Porgram are set forth below: 

3.3.1. PPL(A) part of the program:

  • age of minimum of 17 years
  • current EASA Medical Class 1
  • Ortus Aviation Psychometric Assessment (OAPA) passed 
3.3.2. Hourbuilding part of the program 
  •  EASA PPL(A) licence with valid SEP(L)
  • ICAO English level in the licence
  • Radio Telephony licence in the licence (with English privileges)
  • current EASA Medical Class 1

3.3.3. ATPL(A) part of the program:

  • EASA PPL(A) licence
  • EASA Medical Class 1

3.3.4. MEP(L)+CPL(A)+ME/IR part of the program:

  • EASA PPL(A) licence with valid SEP(L)
  • ICAO English level in the PPL(A) licence
  • Radio Telephony licence in the PPL(A) licence
  • current EASA Medical Class 1
  • min. 70 Pilot in Command (PIC) hours
  • min. 150 Total Time (TT) hours
  • ATPL(A) theory exams passed

3.3.5. MCC+JOC part of the program:

  • MEP(L)+CPL(A)+ME/IR training completed (confirmed with test report)
  • .


4. Risk

4.1. While Ortus Aviation values safety as its highest priority, Student Pilot shall acknowledge and agree to the following:

4.1.1.  Participation of Student Pilot in any activity with Training Partner may expose him to risk. This includes, but is not limited to, the risk of death, personal injury, physical harm, serious injury, psychological, emotional, and mental harm, illness and/or loss or damage to your property from third party participants, pre-existing health conditions, loss of control of an aircraft, collision with objects, property, equipment, engine or aircraft failure, adverse weather conditions, uncontrolled descent or forced landing, misjudgements and any failure to comply with instructions or directions

4.2. Student Pilot agrees, to the extent permitted by law, to release and indemnify Ortus Aviation for any loss or damages suffered by you when participating in any of Training Partner, including any of the acknowledged risks above;

4.3. Student Pilot agrees to give Ortus Aviation and any Training Partner all relevant personal medical conditions that may affect his ability to participate in the Training Program without risk;

4.4. Student Pilot declares the information provided to Ortus Aviation and any Training Partner to be true and accurate and not misleading in any way;

4.5. Student Pilot declares that is not under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other psychotropic drugs or medication and will not be under the influence of their influence during the Training Program commencement, do not feel any aliments;

4.6. Student Pilot is aware that any medication must be approved by an Aviation Medical Examiner in line with EASA’s Flight Crew Licensing requirements;

4.6. Student Pilot knows standard insurance cover which relates to persons participating in training and in flight and was informed that the Ortus Aviation insurance not cover the effects of accidents (personal accident insurance) and he is aware of the possibility of additional insurance on his own;

4.7. Student Pilot acknowledges that Ortus Aviation has no responsibility for the Student Pilot, aircrafts, passengers or any third party damages during and after termination of the Training Program 

5. Payments

5.1. All payments of the Student Pilot in the Training Program are to be paid directly and only to Ortus Aviation;

5.2. All payments shall be made in EURO currency to the account of Ortus Aviation;

5.3. Ortus Aviation accepts the following methods of payment :

  • bank transfer

5.4. For bank transfer payments Student Pilots shall use the below details:
Ortus Aviation Training Ltd
IBAN: IE50FI90671885996520

5.5. Reference for payment:
“Student full name and surname +  clear purpose of payment”;

5.6. In order to make a booking that guarantees a slot in the Training Program as well as the quoted prices Student Pilot shall make specific deposit payment in the period provided by Ortus Aviation;

5.7. The prices may be changed in the following cases:

5.8. Payments for each Module shall be made 7 days before the start of that Module. 

5.9. Prices of specific parts of the Training Program does not include landing fees in any other location that Training Partner base;

5.10. Training time in the Training Program is based on the minimum legal requirements. Any additional training of the Student Pilot shall be subject of a supplementary training agreement which will be charged per hour according to the Pricelist depending on the stage of training,required hours and aircraft to be flown;

5.11. Student Pilot is responsible for all travel and accomodation costs that shall be incurred in purpose of and during the Training Program

6. Branding

6.1. Student Pilot acknowledges that after signing a contract  becomes the exlusive representative for all Training Partners for any related flight training

6.2. Student Pilot approves the use of photographic material of his training for the purpose of online branding and social media conent on Ortus Aviation’s website or social media channels 

6.3. Student Pilot approves the use of his full name for the purpose of online branding and social media conent on Ortus Aviation’s website or social media channels 

6.4. Student Pilot agrees not to tarnish Ortus Aviation’s or Training Partners’ brans in any way including opinions published about the training or social media, press, discusision forums, etc. 

7. Resignation and Refunds

7.1. Deposit payments are non refundable;

7.2. Student Pilot has the right to postpone or cancel the participation in the Training Program before starting without any restitution of the deposit;

7.3. Student Pilot has the right to resign form the Module which have not been commenced;

7.4. Once the training module is commenced the payment for that Module of the specic parts of the Training Program becomes non refundable;

7.5. In the case of resignation from the training on Student Pilot behalf when a Module is commenced but not completed Student Pilot accepts that Ortus Aviation shall not provide any restitution for funds remaining for the rest of that Module

8. Termination of the Training Program

8.1. Ortus Aviation is entitled to terminate the Training Program and contract of Student Pilot in following cases:

8.1.1. Student Pilot activity or state reveals a risk to flight safety due to lack of the necessary abilities, psychomotor abilities or willful violation of aviation regulations 

8.1.2. Student Pilot violates any of the points of the Terms of Conditions or the contract between him and Training Partners

9. Changes of the Terms and Conditions

9.1. This Terms and Conditions might change or be updated in the future;

9.2. Student Pilots commencing the Training Porgram shall be informed about any changes or updates

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